Let’s start with the truth.


Science education teaches reasoning in an environment where communication technology provides a breeding ground for the geometric growth of nonsense.

Dr. Jeff Glassman
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Evolution in Science: California Dreaming to American Awakening

link to pdf Jeffrey A. Glassman Audio Book summary The purpose of this work is to supply that broad, harmonious …

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NIH Blocks access to genetics data – city journal

link to article James Lee – City Journal

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Greg Glassman – Broken Science Lecture

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William M. Briggs – Uncertainty

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What a massive database of retracted papers reveals about science publishing’s ‘death penalty’

link to article by Jeffrey Brainard Still, the surge in retractions led many observers to call on publishers, editors, and …

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A huge database of scientific retractions is live

The largest ever database of scientific retractions just went live, and it reveals a promising trend: More and more studies …

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