Let’s start with the truth.

The Broken Science Initiative

Let’s Start with the Truth.

The Broken Science Initiative is calling attention to the current state of modern science. It’s broken. It’s void of validation. Its deductivist approach stimulates results that cannot be replicated and its scientists are stuck in a publish or perish purgatory, finding “significance” at all costs.

Featured Content

Bad Science’s Threat To Fitness

In this presentation from 2019, Greg Glassman tells the story of how bad science, primarily in the form of corruption, led him to make business decisions to fight to protect his affiliate gyms.

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I reversed my type 2 diabetes. Here’s how I did it

After a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes Journalist Neil Barsky initially followed his doctors advice and began insulin injections. He also did his own research and found a community already aware of the root of the problem. After cutting out the carbs, he dropped his A1C, got off medications, and now considers himself cured.

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