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    Corey Bibolet Participant

    Hello everyone,

    I used to be big in the CrossFit community and Greg and I were once on first name basis when I was a part of the CrossFit FRAT 2008-2011 or so.

    I have owned a gym, competed at competitions, trained many people, judged many contests, volunteered at the games, etc.

    Because I am autistic and “don’t act right” I have had a very difficult life. However during my 53 years I have managed to collect a wide array of skills, talents, passions, and connections around the world.

    I am on a mission to teach computer/ science, personal training, common sense, critical thinking, etc into all day workshops that will include everything from life coaching, marital arts, yoga, stretching, play, and yes, CrossFit with all of it’s sub genres.

    If anyone knows of any type of funding to get to the next level, please contact me.

    I have things started in Costa Rica and will be heading back soon to teach and create my media.


    Corey Bibolet


Viewing 0 reply threads
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