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The Broken Science Initiative is calling attention to the current state of modern science. It’s broken. It’s void of validation. Its deductivist approach stimulates results that cannot be replicated and its scientists are stuck in a publish or perish purgatory, finding “significance” at all costs.

Greg Glassman and Emily Kaplan launched The BSI in 2022. In May 2022, Glassman explained the fundamental flaws in modern science and the impetus for The BSI.

Part of the Initiative is gathering frustrated scientists, philosophers and thinkers on these topics. Sign up to learn more about upcoming events. 

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Modern science is source and repository of man’s objective knowledge. Scientific knowledge is siloed in models. A model maps a fact to a future unrealized fact as a prediction. A fact is a measurement. A measurement is an observation tied to a scale with an expressed error. An observation is a registration of the real world on our senses or sensing equipment.

Broken Science Resources


Various resources to watch, read and listen. Including a history of Bayes, featured books, and Greg's introduction of the Broken Science Initiative


Been a part of scientific misconduct? Recognized no one seems to have a good definition for science? Jump in the game on our community boards.


A catalog of medical reversals, retractions, and scientific misconduct. Resources for recommended reading and more


An extensive database of BSI glossary terms, fallacies & biases, principles & phenomena as well as memes and funny comics.

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