Consensus has replaced predictive value in academic science, definitions have become subjective and replication is no longer a requirement. The BSI will help anyone interested identify and object to this tyranny of bad science. The remedy to broken science will only be found when Popper, Kuhn Feyerabend, Lakatos, Fisher and others are dethroned and replaced with Laplace, Jefferys, Shannon, Cox and Jaynes. Dating back to 1814, when Pierre-Simon Laplace penned Essai philosophique sur les probabilités, establishing the system of inductive reasoning we know today as Bayesian, up to the present day statistician Matthew Briggs, working scientists have tried to alert the masses to the necessity of predictive power in science. Yet, they were largely ignored. The Establishment prioritized the philosophers’ views on science–which lacked a definition, found significance when there wasn’t any and was far more corruptible, over the approach of actual scientists in the trenches. The Broken Science Initiative will show any person interested that it’s time for a new pantheon and a renaissance that requires predictive power in science. 

Modern science is source and repository of man’s objective knowledge. Scientific knowledge is siloed in models. A model maps a fact to a future unrealized fact as a prediction. A fact is a measurement. A measurement is an observation tied to a scale with an expressed error. An observation is a registration of the real world on our senses or sensing equipment.

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