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Science education teaches reasoning in an environment where communication technology provides a breeding ground for the geometric growth of nonsense.

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Evolution in Science: California Dreaming to American Awakening

link to pdf Jeffrey A. Glassman Audio Book summary The purpose of this work is to supply that broad, harmonious …

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NIH Blocks access to genetics data – city journal

link to article James Lee – City Journal

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Greg Glassman – Broken Science Lecture

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William M. Briggs – Uncertainty

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So, You Think You’re Psychic?

link to book William Briggs summary Do you think you or somebody you know might have psychic powers? This book …

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Breaking the Law of Averages William Briggs Book Cover

Breaking the Law of Averages: Real-Life Probability and Statistics in Plain English

link to book William Briggs Summary Quantifying Real-Life Uncertainty Statistics has traditionally been taught decade after decade in a fashion …

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