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Science education teaches reasoning in an environment where communication technology provides a breeding ground for the geometric growth of nonsense.

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The Broken Science Podcast Episode 6, William Briggs at Hillsdale

Ep 6 – William Briggs – Dangers of Statistical Misinterpretation

If you’ve ever taken Statistics 101 – or participated in any basic research work – you’re probably familiar with the …

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Statistical Rituals: The Replication Delusion and How We Got There

Publish or perish, the null ritual, improper incentives, the inference revolution, illusions of certainty, statistical power… Gerd Gigerenzer looks back …

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William Briggs – Hillsdale Apr 2023

Summary William Briggs expands on Greg Glassman’s discussion about broken science by providing examples of scientific misconduct. He focuses on …

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James Franklin – BSI Phoenix Feb 2023

James’ Slides

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Greg Glassman – BSI Phoenix Feb 2023

Greg’s Slides

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William Briggs – BSI Phoenix Feb 2023

William’s Slides

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