Hillsdale Alexandra vs Hughes Aircraft Co definition of hypothesis

Hughes Aircraft Company Technical Achievements (using a “wrong” definition of hypothesis!)

The first working laser
Ion-propulsion engines
Radar Systems
Electro-optical systems
Aircraft computer systems
Missile systems
Satellite systems (40% of all commercial satellites in orbit in 2000)
Liquid crystal displays
Surveyor 1-7 (first soft landing on the moon)
Focused ion beam
Atomic clocks
Information and systems sciences
High performance integrated circuits
Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System
“Magic Net”
Metallic micro lattice
Singlet-triplet oscillations in silicon quantum double dot
Stabilized outdoor augmented reality systems
Hybrid satellite wireless ad hoc networks
Reconfigurable spatially immersive display systems
SyNAPSE neurotrophic chip
Sound retrieval system (SRS)
Fire control systems
US Electronic Properties Information Center (EPIC)
Semi Automatic Defense Ground Environment (SAGE)
Joint Surveillance System (JSS)
Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIDS)
Pioneer Venus (flew to Venus)
Galileo Probe (flew to Jupiter)
Hughes D-2 (aircraft)
Hughes H-1 (aircraft)
Hughes H-4 Hercules (aircraft)
Hughes XF-11 (aircraft)
AIM-54 Phoenix (missile)
AIM-4 Falcon (missile)
AIM-26 Falcon (missile)
AIM-120 AMRAAM (missile)
AGM-65 Maverick (missile)
BGM-71 TOW (missile)
Brazo (missile)
HS-333 Anik (satellite)
Jarvis (rocket)
Magellan (spacecraft)
Morelos Satellite System
Paksat-1 (satellite)
Mk-48 (torpedo)