Thacker: Leading Medical Journal Busted With Huge Conflict Of Interest Over ‘Medical Misinformation’ Expert

August 23, 2023 article from Paul Thacker:

JAMA does not consider collaborating with Big Pharma PR a conflict of interest.

“JAMA reporter Rita Rubin lamented in a lengthy and awkward essay earlier this month that the National Institutes of Health would be slowing awards for “misinformation research”, a term people in science are loathe to admit is merely code for censorship studies. One of the experts Rubin quotes is Dr. Richard Baron, president and chief executive officer of the American Board of Internal Medicine. But Rubin failed to inform readers that in his crusade against “disinformation” in medicine, Baron has been collaborating with Weber Shandwick, the PR firm for Pfizer and Moderna, the two manufacturers of COVID vaccines.”