Let’s start with the truth.

Evolution in Science: California Dreaming to American Awakening


The purpose of this work is to supply that broad, harmonious foundation for science and science education. In part, it will answer the following questions. Were the passions inflamed by the Draft Framework inevitable in the conflict between religion and science? Why is there a conflict between Crea- tionism and Science? Where does Creationism belong in the Scientific world, and why? What role should education play in the conflict between belief systems, in general, and science?
As we know what religion says about what it explains, can we ask the same question of science? That is, where does science stand on the issue of what it explains? Moreover, who can dare to speak for science? We can craft answers to these questions. In boot-strap fashion, we shall apply scientific methods to the field of science itself to dispose of many of these issues. The simple expedient of precision in the use of language helps form new definitions for science as well as evolution. It charts the course to a strategy for science. This new perspective of science is the third of three Evolutions in Science. Dissect and perfect science as one might, in the end it will have a residual uncertainty in all its workings. It cannot supply answers with certainty; it must have a residue of doubt.

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