Section 230: The Hidden Battleground Where Tech Giants, Government and Free Speech Collide

Delving into the murky waters of online censorship, this piece uncovers the genesis of Section 230, the law that inadvertently became the root of a heated battle between free expression and digital regulation. Unraveling the complex interplay between government oversight and technological innovation, this piece explores the implications of a seemingly innocuous legislation that now governs the very nature of online discourse.

William Briggs – Ranch Jun 2023

William Briggs builds upon Greg Glassman’s Castro Ranch talk introducing The Broken Science Initiative. Briggs emphasizes that his critique is not aimed at all types of science, but rather at the growing prevalence of broken and bad science. Briggs highlights two especially impactful examples of broken science, namely the COVID “panic” and climate change. Using these examples, Briggs demonstrates how reliance on flawed models and blind trust in “the science” has lead to severe political and social ramifications for everyone.